We had the spring go out on our garage door on a Saturday. We could not find anyone to repair it until we came across Aldo with triple A overhead doors. I was really impressed he asked for a picture of the garage door and was able to give us a quote based on the picture. True to his word he said he could be at our home in an hour and he was here in 30 minutes and repair was done in 30 minutes. He was polite and quick to repair our garage door. I would highly recommend Aldos work to anyone.
I was standing behind one of your workers wearing a Triple A Overhead t-shirt in line at a Stripes convenient store this morning on the corner of Staples & Texas Ave. He was on the phone while trying to checkout so the cashier was having a hard time ringing him up. After she had to ask a second time for him to enter his card information to pay, he started calling the cashier (older than him/female) a "smartass" and saying that he didn't want to "deal with her shit". There were several other people in line. He was so rude that the cashier finally got fed up and cancelled the transaction and told him to leave. He walked out cussing and throwing a fit like a child. I'm not going to leave a public review or bash your company on Facebook or anything - but your employee needs to get his shit together. That was a seemingly nice lady he was verbally assaulting and it's YOUR company that looks bad as a results because he was wearing a Triple A tshirt and everyone could see that. Call me if you have any questions Blake 361-813-0089